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    With the progress of the times, the use of hardware in wooden door products is more and more extensive. Most of the time, the quality of hardware determines the service life of wooden door. There are various brands of wood door hardware. If you need to buy wood door hardware, you must do the corresponding homework.

    Although wooden door hardware is a small part, in fact, small accessories play an important role in the service life of wooden door. It depends on these small hardware to decide whether the use of wooden door is convenient, so the selection of hardware must not be careless. There are two key points to look at - hinge and slide.

    Selection of wooden door hinge

    Look at the hinge. The wooden door panel has to be opened and closed many times every day. The hinge should not only connect the door panel of the cabinet, but also bear the weight of the door panel alone. The high-quality hinge will open and close for more than ten thousand times under the condition of the door plate bearing more than ten kilograms, so as to ensure that the door plate does not sink.

    According to professionals, when looking at the hinge, * * observe the color and thickness, and the high-quality hinge looks textured, with a thickness of about 1 mm; second, it depends on its installation, because the screws are easy to loosen, so the brand wooden door will drill holes into the cabinet body to insert the nylon expansion pipe, and the screw into the embedded part is more and more tight, even if the embedded part is damaged, it can be replaced. High quality hinge can be opened more than 90 degrees, can stop at any angle, and close automatically when 15 degrees.

    Selection of wooden door slide

    If the hinge is the heart of the wooden door, then the slide is the kidney. Whether the door leaf can push and pull freely and smoothly and how to bear the load depends on the support of slide rail. From the current technology, the bottom slide rail is better than the side slide rail, and the overall connection with the door leaf is better than the three-point connection. The material, principle, structure and technology of the door slide are different. The high-quality slide rail has small resistance and long service life, and the door leaf is smooth.

    The inner part of the slide rail, which is invisible to the naked eye, is its bearing structure, which is directly related to its bearing capacity. At present, there are both steel ball slide rails and silicon wheel slide rails on the market. The former can automatically remove dust and dirt on the slide rail by rolling the steel ball, so as to ensure the cleanness of the slide rail, and will not affect its sliding function due to dirt entering the interior. At the same time, the steel ball can make the force spread around, ensuring the horizontal and vertical stability of the door leaf. In the long-term use and friction process, the debris produced by the silicon wheel slide is snow flake, and it can be brought up by rolling, which will not affect the smooth sliding of the door leaf.

    The door leaf is an essential part of the door, and in the design of the whole door leaf, * the important accessory is the slide rail. For the door in special environment, even if the sliding rail of low quality feels good in a short time, it will be difficult to push and pull if the time is slightly longer. Well known brand wooden door manufacturers generally use good quality slide rails.

    Hinges and slide rails are common in wood door hardware, but little is known about the advantages and disadvantages of different brands of wood door hardware.

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