• Franchise conditions

    1. Have a stable workplace (shop), and provide the company with copies of business license, tax registration certificate and other relevant qualification certificates.

    2. It is not allowed to operate or act as an agent for products that are competitive with the company.

    3. Be able to understand the industry development trends and local industry market status.

    4. Have certain sales ability.

    5. Have the ability to install and maintain our products.

    6. Have good cooperation spirit, gain more benefits by expanding market share.

    Joining process

    1. Further investigation is made in combination with its own resources and the actual situation of local market.

    2. According to the requirements of the applicant, the company will investigate the basic situation, business district, store location and inspection of the city where the franchise is located.

    3. To carry out detailed project investigation at the headquarters of the company.

    4. Communicate with relevant investment managers in detail, understand detailed terms of agency contract and sign cooperation agreement.

    5. Pay the operation security after the contract is signed and handle the relevant procedures.

    6. The agent starts decoration according to the design scheme provided by the company, and prepares for opening and operation with the help of the company.

    7. The head office will provide all kinds of qualification information and medals required.

    8. In the normal sales operation stage, the company will provide management information in marketing, product sales and store management.

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